3 comments on “Vista Print involved in dubious matters?

  1. I’m not tagging anyone as unreliable.
    I’m calling it dubious, which means that I haven’t proven it to be true or untrue. I’m just warning people to be cautious and to read carefully, which they need to do all the time, anyway, but never do.

    In the links I read there were enough people stating that they read the Terms and Conditions and everything else, and didn’t find anything or select anything, and were still charged.
    Now I can’t check if they did or didn’t, but I think it’s worth making people aware of this.

  2. But if you were able to go through the ordering procedure without trouble, surely it is just a matter of not reading carefully, like you said? The only option left would be for Vista to actually charge credit cards fraudulently, in spite of unchecking all those boxes…

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