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  1. @ttv

    This was the second shot with the camera, so it wasn’t overheated. It had been in a cool car for about 1,5 hours prior and outside temperature was also around 10-12 degrees Celcius.

    The shots I mention in the post (the traffic shots) were taken with the camera used a lot more, so a lot hotter sensor. And they don’t have it.

    And I can reproduce the problem, at any given moment, both on my D800 body and D700 body.

  2. It’s probably the sensor heating, it’s not the filter. Try a shot with a cool camera body, so that it’s been outside like 30min off, without shooting, and then directly shoot the 30sek exposure. I’ve experienced the same kind of blob when exposing for several minutes, specially in the end of the shoot, as the body’s overall temperature rises from the usage.

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