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  1. Great story, experience and images! Reminded me of one winter, when I had a photo project in mind for an RMSP class I was taking. The project required sunshine coming through my window and a crystal that scattered rainbows around the room, which my 1 year old granddaughter loved chasing and trying to catch. But no sign of sunshine for days on end! On the day before class – a foggy day, I trudged up the hill on my usual walk, feeling somewhat dejected. But as I walked, out of the fog, I began to respond to the particular quality of light and half hidden shapes in the fog. Out of that walk, I developed a series of images that became favorites of mine, and I learned something. I’m grateful for the reminder to stay in the present, and discover what magic lies waiting when we venture out into what IS! (I need to go back and find those film images, and scan them, or….. better yet!…. step out into this overcast, crusty winter day with my camera in hand!

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