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  1. You said that an MSDT can teach ALL specialties. This is not quite right, there are some specialties that a Divemaster or Assistant Instructor can certify (quote from Instructor manual “After completing the corresponding instructor training and earning Specialty Instructor ratings, conduct Digital Underwater Photographer specialty courses under the direction of a PADI Instructor”)
    However, all of them COULD be taught by an OWSI. To teach and certify a specialty you have to be an instructor in that specialty. To become an instructor in that specialty you have to apply to PADI using their form. The form can be signed by a Course Director saying that you have attended the relevant course OR the applicant signs the form confirming “I have certified at least 25 divers AND have completed and logged at least 20 dives in each of the specialty area(s) that I am applying for, and if asked by PADI to show these logged dives, I can do so. …. and understand that I may conduct the course(s) only after receiving written approval from PADI along with my Specialty Instructor certification materials.”

    In other words, provided you have experience of teaching scuba AND have diving experience in the relevant area you can apply.
    There are some courses e.g. Enriched Air, where the instructor has to hold the relevant certification before being able to teach it themselves.
    Other courses require the candidate to attend a course held by a manufacturer before being eligible to apply.
    I hope this helps clarify
    (PADI IDCS Instructor)

  2. Yup,

    I had to jump through a ton of hoops just to reply to your “The PADI Way”, Don’t Figure… LOL


  3. Arno,

    When you work with the world of BS, you got-a go with the flow, check the box, plug the dangling chads etc. etc.! LOL I am surprised to hear rant a-little over this! Get the 25, get the cert and make it work like you do with everything else. The end result is your students walk or swim away with a outstanding grasp of underwater photography, with a cert completed and signed by you.

    Just remember, “Divers Do It Deeper!” 🙂

    R/ Kent

    • Yeah, of course in the end you’re right. And I will get my 25 certs. But sometimes even I have to rant a bit 😉
      It’s just something that doesn’t fit in a logical organization like PADI. They’re so solid with most things, and then with something so apparent they have some petty rule in place that makes no sense whatsoever.

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