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Let me warn you in advance. If you’re sensitive to graphic material, leave now. If you’re under 18, leave now. The last part is not pretty. And no, this blog is not going to feature this kind of material structurally.

I’ve written about Vappu before. It’s the Finnish celebration of Labour Day. It’s one of two days (together with Pikkujoulu – Little Christmas), where people are “allowed” to drink themselves into oblivion theoretically without *any* moral or ethical consequences.
I don’t drink alcohol myself, so drinking yourself into oblivion always gets my judgment. I don’t judge anyone for drinking alcohol, but if you get so wasted you don’t know or remember what you’re doing, you lose my respect (like that is worth anything, but let’s not go there 😉 ).

We’ll do the nice part first. The day after…
It was a beautiful day. I don’t think it’s ever been this nice weather in all those years I’ve been in Finland. Sitting with a stack of magazines and/or a good book on a picnic blanket drinking tea, sodas, champagne and/or cider (not for me, but thanks Eugene! 😉 ), crackers with cream cheese, chips… Few things can beat that.
A staggering amount of people sitting and roaming around, and at the location where we were the traffic was completely stuck. Those foolish enough to have come by car, or tried to wrestle their way back home got plenty of time to practice their patience.

Vappu 2012 - free porn Vappuaatto was also very nice. Relaxed day, and a relaxed evening before going downtown. We had tickets to a concert of Aikakone, which we didn’t make it to. We ended up elsewhere first for a bit too long, and when we got to the place where the concert was, the line was so endless that we decided not to wait. And so we had a healthy bite of fast food and headed home. We got to our apartment building to find two people having at it in our portal (really, this is not the dodgiest part of town, so we were quite surprised). And not just having at it. The guy had his had up her crotch and her skirt was so far down that a nice tattoo just above the cheeks was prominently visible.
We were by bike, so we went around to the back entrance and got in from there. When we came to the hallway from the back entrance (from where we could see into the portal) the motion detectors switched on the lights, and that kind of snapped our horny visitors back into this world. She pulled up her skirt, he wiped off his hand and they took off. And that was it. Or so we thought.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against sex. I have nothing against porn. I’m a guy, I have no problem admitting I watched some (and -although I have no scientific proof for this- I’m convinced most of the guys have (and most of them who say they don’t are lying 😀 ) ). And I have absolutely no problem against people making out on the street, up to a certain extend, of course. And if you’re of the public type, I also have no problems with it if you want to do it in a toilet in a restaurant, bar, or whatever, for all I care you do it in the fitting room of a store.
But there are limits. Now we’re getting again to this point of Vappu, where people are “allowed” to do “anything” without consequences. I’ve been in this country for a decade, and I’ve seen my fair share of funny, questionable, shocking and unethical things. Vappuaatto 2012 takes the prize. By a mile.

We got to our apartment and before heading to bed we looked outside, and guess what…? Our steaming couple from the portal had moved across the street and had continued their session in the all-brightening illumination of the street lights. His hand was yet again in her crotch, and she was enjoying it. Clearly. And after that her head went into his crotch. I kid you not. There were people passing by from both sides and they didn’t even look up. They just went at it. And still for about 40 minutes or so.

Vappu 2012 - free porn

I’m typically not a paparazzi. I tend to think I have respect for people and think that you’re free to do what you want (also up to a certain extend, of course). But this was a whole different thing. I took out my camera and put on the 70-200mm. Big Brother’s watching.
What you do in the confines of four walls is your own business. If I would happen to see my neighbors across the street having a go at it in their apartment I turn away. That’s their business, that’s their home, and I respect that.
Maybe you’ll ask: so why put up these pictures? Why not show respect for these people and stay quiet about what you saw? Why embarrass them by putting these pictures for the world to see? And I’ll answer you: why would I have ANY respect for you when you have no respect for yourself? No dignity? When you stoop so low, when you allow yourself to get so drunk that you engage in oral sex on the street in plain sight? When you embarrass yourself and others for having to witness this when they pass you?
My respect for people does go so far that I did blur out the faces. I’m not out to destroying anyone’s life, but I do kind of hope that one of them two happens to come across this blog post and realizes that this is simply not done. And that if I was there with a camera, someone else may have been, too. With less “honorable” intentions…


Anyway… Hope you all had a great and sunny Labour Day, and that y’all behaved 😉




Vappu 2012 - free porn Vappu 2012 - free porn Vappu 2012 - free porn

After Midsummer Vappu (Labour Day, 1st of May, for ye who aren’t from around) is probably the most looked-forward to national holiday in Finland. The night before the actual Labour Day is the night to party (although it starts already well before the “night”).

Last year I mentioned already that people consummate a vast amount of alcoholic beverages, but aside that every year it’s one big dress-up party and a lot of “standard procedures”.

Gorillas and humans side-by-side like friends

D700, ISO800, 1/320 sec @ f/11, Nikkor 50mm, on-camera flash (fill)

God-lovers and anarchists demonstrate side-by-side like they would be the best of friends…

God-lovers and anarchists side-by-side like friends

D700, ISO800, 1/250 sec @ f/11, Nikkor 50mm

But the trademark Finnish Vappu is best know for is the graduates, from all ages, coming downtown with their funny white hats.

Silly white hats at Vappu

D700, ISO800, 1/250 sec @ f/11, Nikkor 50mm

And lots of these (in many different sizes, colors, shapes and with ridiculous price tags)


D700, ISO800, 1/320 sec @ f/4.8, Nikkor 50mm, on-camera flash

The after math of Finnish Labour Day, May 1st, Vappu, Vappen… It’s probably Finland’s most important and most looked forward to national holiday.
Also, it confirms Finland as the land of alcohol. To me at least. It’s not a statement that I got out of official channels, even though it’s globally known that Finnish people do like their share.

Although I try not to judge people, I sometimes frown upon people who are trying to make money the easy way (this generally involves all types of criminal efforts, and occasionally things related to social events).
But this one is just too easy to pass.
I remember from my childhood I would go to big events like motocross competitions or open-air concerts and stroll around the premises to find empty bottles and return them to the store for some extra cash.

Vappu in Helsinki is -seriously- THE best time and place to do such a thing.
I’ve been telling my better half already for a few years that I’m going to dress up as a bum one year and just stroll around Helsinki with big trash bags and a shopping trolley to collect empty bottles and cans.
And seriously… After today’s article in the Helsingin Sanomat (one of Finland’s biggest news papers) where it’s stated that there were about 29,000 empty champagne/sparkling wine bottles lying around Helsinki it’s all the more enticing.

Kaisaniemi Park, Vappu 2009

Kaisaniemi Park, Vappu 2009

Bottles and cans all over the place

Bottles and cans all over the place

Imagine… Here’s what you get from stores in Finland if you return them empty:
Wine bottles and champagne bottles: € 0,10
Beer cans and beer bottles: € 0,10 or € 0,15
1 and 2 liter Coke (or other soda bottles): € 0,40
0,5 liter soda bottles: € 0,20

According to the newspaper:
29,000 champagne bottles @ € 0,10 = € 2.900,-

I dare to say that for every champagne bottle there’s 3 beer cans or bottles (I wouldn’t at all be surprised if that’s way too little), but let’s round that down for reality’s sake anyway:

65,000 cans/bottles @ € 0,10 = € 6.500,-

Not quite sure what the ratio of soda bottles would be in relation to the alcohol, but let’s be generously negative about that and put it to 5,000. And let’s assume that those are only the 0,5 liter bottles.

5,000 @ € 0,20 = € 1,000,-

That makes together: € 10,400.
Not bad for two days of picking up bottles.
And it cleans up the streets, too!

I wouldn’t think I would get ALL of it, but even if I’d pick up 5% of that I’d still have about € 500.
I’m sure I can buy a bum suit for € 500.
And the 50 cents for the shopping trolley I get back when I return the trolley together with all the empty bottles and cans 😉

As a side note…
That same Helsingin Sanomat article (see link above) states that cleaning the city after Vappu costs the city around € 100.000,- each year.
Imagine if people weren’t too drunk or too lazy to clean up after themselves. Maybe the taxes would go down, too 😀

Glada Vappen! 😀