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Once every year, for about a week, just before it closes for the winter, attraction park Linnanmäki in Helsinki has the Carnival of Light. During this time the park is open in the evenings and all the attractions are wonderfully and colorfully lit and throughout the park there are shows and parades with fire and lights and what not.
I’ve been planning to go there already for years, but I never managed to go.
This year I had set my mind to it, though. And it was planned for Friday. And Friday was -according to the weather forecast- first to be the worst day of the week, but soon that turned around and it was going to be a lovely day. Which it actually did turn out to be. A beautifully sunny and glorious fall day. But then evening came. I had just put up the camera for my first series of photos when it started poooooooooooouring down. Can you say “ANNOYING”??

I might give it another go if I have the time during the coming week and the weather cooperates still.
Here’s the one shot of the series that made it through.


D700, ISO200, 8 sec @ f/22, Nikkor 14-24mm