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Right… Speaking of “out of your comfort zone”. This would be a gross understatement in my case. Strangely, I’m not people-shy. Shy, yes, but not introverted or anything (at least not so much 😉 ). But when it comes to walking up to a perfect stranger and asking if I can take his or her portrait… Don’t think so. Chicken right here, if ever there was one! I know I make a cracking portrait if I have to (want to), you can check my portfolio on it. But I need to at least be somehow acquainted to that person or they have to come to me.
“Right,” you say, “go up to a person, make your acquaintance and shoot the damn portrait!”
If only things were that simple… I know, they are, but no, they aren’t. Really…

Anyway… I chickened out on this one, but I got a nice picture for which I wrote the accompanying text as follows:

I had gone to see Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp, and I ran into her on Mannerheimintie just outside Lasipalatsi. She was the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. Jet-black hair, fair, but rather pale skin and the most vivid, stale, green eyes. Not quite as green as her shoes, but very green, nonetheless… There was something in her eyes that beckoned me, pulled me out of the cage of shyness which always prevents me from walking up to a perfect stranger to ask if I can take a picture. She was a natural. And her eyes… My god… I asked her, and she let me. She never took her eyes of me, and I had a hard time taking mine off of her… When I had taken the picture she moved towards me, almost as if she was floating. Then she whispered something in my ear. There was the slightest breath in my neck.
After that I don’t remember much anymore…

Green shoes

D800, ISO6400, 1/125 sec @ f/2.8, Nikkor 50mm

A man can dream, right? 😉

I should really change the title into “Touristing in your own country”, but owwell… I’m sure you get the picture 😉
This is Lovisa, my better half’s father’s home town (I could’ve made that sound a lot more difficult, but it’s only Tuesday, so… 😀 ).
Although this red is a very typical color for old farms and barns in Finland, these “barns” are a bit more updated. It’s still very authentic, but they are relatively new buildings. They were used for storage of stuff that was unloaded from ships docking into the harbor.
These days they’re used as restaurant, bar, museum and sauna (among others). They’re closed during the winter, but in the summer there are little terraces all over the place and it’s a great place for tourists to sit down, and take a rest.

D200, ISO100, 1/750 sec @ f/4, Sigma 10-20mm

D200, ISO100, 1/750 sec @ f/4, Sigma 10-20mm