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See… the beauty of being a foreigner in a certain country is that you can pretend you don’t speak the language.

I’m called by telemarketeers at least 4 times a week. Sure, I can have my phone number put on a list so that I’m not called anymore, but that will cut me off from ALL stuff. Also the interesting stuff, so I don’t want to do that.
So every time I’m called by a Finnish telemarketeer, I first listen who they are and whom they represent. When it’s not interesting enough, I go “Umm… I’m sorry, but do you speak English?”.
In 95% of the cases it’s quiet for a few seconds and then I hear “Click…” and then the busy tone. So that means they don’t speak English 😀
4% of the cases are the brave ones who try to explain in English, but don’t manage and after four or five sentences of stuttering admit that their English is not good enough, apologize and ask if they can have someone call me back who does speak English. To which I heartily agree, because they never do anyway. But anyway… Kudos to that 4% who tries and admits they can’t handle it.
And then there’s the 1% who actually does speak English well enough to explain what they’re selling. And them I tell nicely and politely that I’m not interested.

But today…
Today was weird. I was driving downtown when my phone rang. Caller ID “unknown” it said on my phone, which instantly puts me on guard. Anyone who doesn’t want to be ID’ed is suspicious.
Anyway… I pick up and I hear in a very bad English accent “Hello, this is [insert name here] from the investment company [insert company name here] in Hong Kong.”
And I’m thinking “Hong Kong?? What the…??”
And I go in Finnish “Um, I’m sorry, but do you speak Finnish?”
It’s quiet for a few seconds and she goes “Do you speak English?”
And I go in very bad exaggeratingly slow English “Exkjoos mii, Aj no spiiik Inklisj! Doo joo spiiik Finnisj?”
It’s quiet for another few seconds, and then “Click…” and the busy tone.

And just fall in a terrible laughing fit…