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If you go in close enough, you can make everything look funny, weird, unrecognizable.
I’m a terrible cook. My Better Half would disagree, but really, I am. I guess I can make things. I can make most things if I have a book which spells it out for me like I’m a 4-year old. I’m an artist, but not with food. I have no clue what I can put together, and what not. I grew up learning to eat everything, and with my dad’s motto (who, by the way, learned how to bake the best cakes, breads and pies in his late sixties, so I’m not a completely lost cause) “there are no decorated curtains where it [the food] is going” I can and have put the weirdest things together and eaten it (patiently enduring wondering frowns from my Better Half). I’m all for easy. Pasta’s one of my favorites, especially with pesto. It takes about 8 minutes to boil the pasta, stir some pesto through, et voilà. All ready to eat. No fuzz, no trouble, quick and easy. Today I found a new pesto. Miles better than the one from the local store around the corner. And I had pasta with pesto. Yum.
For the pasta I went in really, really close.

Spaghetti on Day 5

D700, ISO200, 8 sec @ f8, Nikkor 50 mm + 12mm + 24mm + 36mm extension tubes