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Some things you just don’t do by yourself. You need someone else to invite you to it, and then you think “Hmm… that may actually be interesting”.
Even if I’m Dutch, I’m not a football (soccer, for you Americans 😉 ) fan. I don’t care about the leagues. I may watch the match when the Dutch national team is playing but that’s about it. I’ve never been to a football stadium in my life other than for a concert or a festival. And it would never have crossed my mind to do a “tour” in the Amsterdam Arena (I actually never had been there before even for a concert), so when some friends told us they were going to do the tour and asked if we’d like to come along we did think “Hmm… that may actually be interesting”. So we went. The day before the Campions League match between Ajax and Manchester (which Ajax miserably lost, by the way). Preps were in full swing and well, you gotta give it to them (even if the guy was so happily (and funnily) full of how Ajax was the best, and how the Arena was the best, and how the Grass there was the best, and how they have 1400 seats more than their direct competitor in Holland – Feyenoord Rotterdam): everything did look perfect. And we did get to see some parts of the stadium that you usually don’t get to see.

The Ajax Arena - football stadium in Amsterdam

D700, ISO400, 1/125 sec @ f/1.4, Nikkor 50mm

Ajax and Manchester United flags in the Ajax Amsterdam Arena football stadium

D700, ISO400, 1/250 sec @ f/1.7, Nikkor 50mm