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I have no clear recollection of taking this… So I guess this is the ultimate oblivion.
It might’ve been my alter-ego. Or the other cat.
We might never know. But aren’t we cute? 😉

Me, myself and the cat

Taken with a crappy phone camera with some seriously dubious settings.

Lacking the presence of the Better Half in the house, I’ve felt the pressing need to find another girl. Luckily there’s a really pretty one living close by, and we went for a walk in the forest the other day. It was a beautiful day. A tad bit overcast, which made the lane a bit dark, but otherwise it was great. The birds were happily chirping and tweeting away and only in the distance was there a sound of human presence. Unfortunately the girl was more interested in the birds. Or bird. Or… part of the bird… I guess she was hungry. Well, she got her part of the bird and happily crunched it away. So much for a romantic date.
(no Photoshopping in this picture. Everything you see was as-is 😉 ).

A romantic walk through the forest

D700, ISO200, 1/320 sec @ f/9.5, Nikkor 50mm, on-camera flash