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So… after three weeks of inspiration with the Better Half back around me, I’m back home, alone, lost 2 kilos of hair, but gained about 22 kilos with the straight week-and-a-half of binging around Christmas and New Year.
Happy New Year, btw, to all of you.
And now I’m totally uninspired again. My smart-phone turned retard on me the morning we left to the Netherlands, the touch screen forgot its calibration points or something, so no matter where I touched on the screen, the phone thought I was touching it on the left side only. Thought I could fix it by restarting, but that only resulted in me not being able to enter the pincode to unlock the phone. And that resulted in my smartphone turning into nothing more but an expensive smart-alarm clock of which I couldn’t even reset the time.
The temporary phone I used was only good for receiving messages and its life drained within 30 seconds when someone actually called me (or if I called). Thus I ended up having to buy a new phone back in Finland. Everyone told me to get an iPhone, and although I’m not principally against Apple per sé, I’m principally against a) getting something (almost) EVERYone has or wants, b) getting something seriously overrated (I feel a war starting here ;o) ), c) paying a shyte load of money and then not owning it (i.e. not having the liberty to do with it and buy for it whatever I please; Apple being able to lock it from a distance or with software updates), d) being obligated to install a dinosaur like iTunes on my computer for my phone to work properly (no, I don’t have iTunes installed), and there are probably a few more reasons still, but I think the above ones are enough to start the revolution. 😀 Oh, to ease the iPeople’s suffering: ever since I got my HTC with Windows Mobile I also got principally against Windows Mobile.
That left me with only two choices: Nokia N8 with Symbian or something with Android. I was told by a friend to stay far away (and not even touch with a stick) the N8, which made the choice quite easy.
Now let’s see if it’s been a good choice…


Inspiration-less image, don't look at its compositional and/or photographic-technical qualities. It's only meant to show the phones. It has no artistic value.