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“Honey, I’ll be back in a few minutes!”

Eeemm…. ‘kay…

Car covered in snow

D700, ISO200, 1/125 sec @ f/4, Nikkor 50mm

Last Monday was a seriously annoying day.
Little intro, which can be seen as cause and effect, but really doesn’t have anything to do with the whole story, but anyway, I can’t write a two-line blog post every day, so… 😉

Last August, after an entire friggin’ summer of balcony renovations (I might’ve mentioned it before), they finally took off the plastic from our building and we could enjoy the rain, which had just followed up a great warm summer. We used to have glass window panes on our balcony, that they removed for the renovation. It took them about 2,5 weeks after the 4 months of renovation, before they put them back, and then still they forgot some small things. It was already a problem to get them to put the window panes back up in the first place, because they don’t seem to know the term “making an appointment”. They called on numerous occasions and expected to be let in the next day (once or twice even the same day) to fix things. So they put up the panes somewhere in mid-September and then they still had to come back for the stuff they forgot. Again, several times they called for a same day or next day schedule, but that never worked out. They even once called me when I was in the UK visiting the Better Half. So last Sunday evening (SUNDAY, for god’s sake!!!) at just before 8pm they called me to ask if they could come the next morning, so Monday morning. I was working from home in the morning, but had an appointment in the afternoon, so the morning would actually fit me fine, and it would be good to finally get it over with. So we agreed Monday morning. (I emphasize morning, which in my calendar means anywhere between 7am and noon, with an acceptable run-over to 12.30pm. I was home the whole time during that period, but no one showed up. My appointment was at 1pm, so I really needed to leave the house at 12.30pm the latest. I sent a text message to the guy around 11.30am to tell him that I was going to be out of the house by 12.30pm and if they hadn’t been here before that they would have to come back another day. No reply.

So I left the house at 12.30. Just before that I put a frustrated post up on Facebook announcing that I was going for a coffee in town after my appointment and anyone who’d feel like coming was very welcome to join me. Since most of my friends around here are foreigners, and I always say jokingly they are either self-employed or unemployed, there’s a good chance that they’d show up for coffee at any given opportunity. Facebook returned a few replies after a few minutes with people saying something along the lines of “would love to come, but can’t, sorry!”
So I had my appointment, and my coffee, by myself, because no one eventually showed up, and went home after 3.30pm (no empathy, pity or anything along the lines needed, it was good to blow off my frustration alone without endangering others 😉 ).
At 4.15pm the guy for the balcony glass calls. “Are you home, yet? Can we come now?”
I really had to suppress the urge to tell the guy to p!ss off, but that would just delay things more, so I told the guy to come and get it over with, which he did at around 4.50pm (4.15pm -> 4.50pm = now… catch my drift?).

Now… to the point of the story (like I mentioned, the whole balcony glass thing doesn’t have anything to do with it, save for the cause and effect).
Wednesday we had a party. Little Christmas party from the camera club. Lots of great people there and a few of them read my post on Facebook and it ended up in a discussion about why nobody showed up.
One of my fellow-photographers, clearly an expert on the matter, almost soiled himself while he referred to my post about “joining me for COFFEE on an afternoon” 😀 There are several reasons, though, why asking people to join me for COFFEE on an afternoon is perfectly logical to me of which these are the three main ones:

1) it was an afternoon around 2pm (ok, we’re in Finland, and there are people who drink alcohol 24/7, but…)
2) it was Monday (ok, we’re in Finland, and there are people who drink alcohol 24/7, but…)
3) I don’t drink alcohol myself (yes, we’re in Finland, and when I order a Sprite or something like that in a bar the bar tender always -pretty much without exception- asks “just Sprite? Nothing else?” and then I get this funny look when I confirm.)

My friend, though, was positively convinced that had I written “joining me for a drink in” followed by the name of a reputable bar it would’ve been a totally successful afternoon with a lot of people. I’m not quite convinced, but I of course will put that to the test on the next occasion.
Anyway… I promised my friend to write this all up in a nice blog post, so Jason, dedicated especially to you 😉


Lapin Kulta

D700, ISO200, 30 sec @ f/11, Nikkor 50mm

(yes, my dear readers, now you may start wondering what a guy, who doesn’t drink alcohol, is doing with this amount of beer in his fridge…)