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I got a lot of stuff done in the past week.

A year and a half or so ago I wrote about Photoshelter vs PhotoDeck. I quit Photoshelter in favor of PhotoDeck for the simple reason that PhotoDeck had better and more simple features and it was cheaper. Not too long ago I got a mail from Photoshelter inviting me to reacquaint myself with them for 30 days for free. I did. And I swung right back to Photoshelter. Their features have become so much better compared to what it was, and their prices so much more attractive than they were before that I just couldn’t let it go.
I’m still with PhotoDeck, but my subscription is ending in a few months. I haven’t decided yet if I will keep it up. Compared to Photoshelter they all of a sudden have become a lot more expensive, actually, for the storage space I get with Photoshelter now I would pay double the price with PhotoDeck. That’s too bad, because I really like them. But it’s business. And if I have to pay twice as much for a similar service, it simply is a no-go; that’s too big a difference.
So I’ve been editing and uploading and tweaking my new website with commercial back-end. You can find it at and it looks like this: store-front store-front

You can order prints, canvases, mugs, mouse pads or just the plain digital file. The whole nine yards. You can contact me for special prices if you find something you would like. You can do a search for pictures with the search box at the top right of the blog.

The other thing I’ve been collecting stuff for is the One Life photo competition from PDN. If my pictures are deemed good enough, I could win a nice prize. My page there looks like this:

Arno Enzerink portfolio for the One Life competition

Portfolio for the One Life competition

You are free to “Collect Me“, if you have the time and think the images are worth it. The images you see are crops, they are all links to the full size pictures. If you click the link Collect Me you are requested to either sign up or sign in with your Facebook or Twitter username. Do that, then click the image and in the window that opens then at the top right “Collect Me”. Or just leave a comment with the pictures and tell me what you think, that’s fine for me too 🙂
Thanks in any case!



I’ve been in several stock agencies now for a bit over a year and although it’s been slow and far from making me rich, it’s made me a nice little extra. But the chunk of commission that the agencies take out of your sales is handsome. It hovers between 40% and 60% (and no, I’m not talking about those thieving microstock agencies where you get a penny and they keep four). Sure, they do the marketing and everything, but still. Ever since I started this whole photography business I’ve been wanting to be able to sell straight from my website, but the solutions just weren’t good.

I signed up for Photoshelter, but after they took the stock selling out of business and it basically just turned into a portfolio with a commercial back-end where you have to do your own marketing, it didn’t really do anymore what I hoped. It’s got a hefty price tag for storage space AND they still take 20% off any sales you make through their website. It is, at this point at least, the only thing that really works as a commercial outlet as an extension of your own website.

And then a while ago I came across the name PhotoDeck. I think I read it somewhere on a forum, I can’t even remember. First thought: oh, another one of those. I went to check it out anyway, but found that they were in BETA testing and I needed to put my email address in just for the hopes of getting through to the stage where I could actually test and use it. And -initially just for the “what the heck” of it- I put my name in. Didn’t hear back for a week or two, came across the name again, and read up on it some more. I put my name in the hat again and promptly received a mail back that I was now part of the circle of people with a BETA account and I was welcome to try it out. Which I did immediately.

And guess what…? First impression? I can’t say anything else than WOW!
I got a gig of space to start with, uploaded my pictures and started fiddling around with the application and I’m totally impressed, I’m totally sold. Oh, and then they added 5 gig without me asking (seriously, hook, line and sinker 😀 )
The ease with which everything is customizable is just SO relieving! No more hassle of trying to find the right positions and right coding in a stuffed php template, but just a simple, effective user friendly WYSIWYG user interface. Straight-forward, easy to adjust pricing profiles, auto-watermarking upon upload, galleries, collections and a lot more features still to come, if we may believe the rumors.
And even if you’re a complete idiot (like me) and have some problems with a few things here and there, the response to the question is quick and helpful.

It’s in BETA still, and you can sign up for an account, but things should be going all live in a month and a half or so.
I don’t know what the prices are going to be like, and I assume they will have different types of accounts. I’ve been so rude as to ask what level of pricing I’m going to have to expect and without naming any numbers they said it will be more affordable than the direct competition.

I’m not paid for advertising (unfortunately) and I’m not working for them (unfortunately), but I would seriously recommend giving this a try.

To check out how the visual implementation works seamlessly with the rest of my website, go have a look at my shiny new web store at Oh, and while your there, don’t forget to buy a picture or two! I’ll give the first 100 people buying a picture a 50% discount if you contact me for a quote! *LOL*

Tis done, finally. All images sorted, processed and keyworded.
I figured that you could pick out the ones you like yourself, and I don’t need to write 320 Canary Island entries.

Go check them out, there really are a bunch of good ones among them 😉

Travel to Canary Islands

Oh, and of course: A very VERY happy New Year!