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My first photography e-book is now published!

Below The Surface Around Camiguin Island

Below The Surface Around Camiguin Island, photo e-book with underwater photography

A photography e-book with 184 pages of stunning underwater photography.

It’ll be yours to page through for the ridiculously low price of € 3,75 and you can order it by clicking on the “Add to Bag” button on the right side.
The order process is super-easy, and super-fast. You can pay via PayPal or with credit card. After payment you’ll be sent a confirmation mail with a link from where you can download the e-book (pdf, appr. 25Mb in size).

(and of course, feel free to share it with everyone you know and don’t know! 😉 ).

I got a lot of stuff done in the past week.

A year and a half or so ago I wrote about Photoshelter vs PhotoDeck. I quit Photoshelter in favor of PhotoDeck for the simple reason that PhotoDeck had better and more simple features and it was cheaper. Not too long ago I got a mail from Photoshelter inviting me to reacquaint myself with them for 30 days for free. I did. And I swung right back to Photoshelter. Their features have become so much better compared to what it was, and their prices so much more attractive than they were before that I just couldn’t let it go.
I’m still with PhotoDeck, but my subscription is ending in a few months. I haven’t decided yet if I will keep it up. Compared to Photoshelter they all of a sudden have become a lot more expensive, actually, for the storage space I get with Photoshelter now I would pay double the price with PhotoDeck. That’s too bad, because I really like them. But it’s business. And if I have to pay twice as much for a similar service, it simply is a no-go; that’s too big a difference.
So I’ve been editing and uploading and tweaking my new website with commercial back-end. You can find it at and it looks like this: store-front store-front

You can order prints, canvases, mugs, mouse pads or just the plain digital file. The whole nine yards. You can contact me for special prices if you find something you would like. You can do a search for pictures with the search box at the top right of the blog.

The other thing I’ve been collecting stuff for is the One Life photo competition from PDN. If my pictures are deemed good enough, I could win a nice prize. My page there looks like this:

Arno Enzerink portfolio for the One Life competition

Portfolio for the One Life competition

You are free to “Collect Me“, if you have the time and think the images are worth it. The images you see are crops, they are all links to the full size pictures. If you click the link Collect Me you are requested to either sign up or sign in with your Facebook or Twitter username. Do that, then click the image and in the window that opens then at the top right “Collect Me”. Or just leave a comment with the pictures and tell me what you think, that’s fine for me too 🙂
Thanks in any case!

Awhile ago I wrote about how Adobe’s CS4 (and other products) are so stupidly over priced at this end of the world (compared to the US).
Well… There is an alternative now available for everyone.
The good people of Worth1000 have developed a software package that can do the same as Adobe’s -and more!- at a fraction of the price that Adobe wants for their stuff.

Aviary, by the makers of Worth1000 (image courtesy

Aviary, by the makers of Worth1000 (image courtesy

It contains, among others, photo editing software, vector / drawing / illustrator software, and 3D, and… and… and…
And the beauty of it is, that it all works in your browser. So anywhere where there’s an internet connection, you can use this. Isn’t that great?
You just have to go and take a look yourself.
Aviary is its name. Creativity is its game.