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This is something that’s been bugging me already for a looooong time.
You hear it all the time, in every bar, with every party. And it’s all screwed up.
Wikipedia writes this:

Going Dutch is a slang term indicating that each person participating in a shared activity pays for himself or herself, rather than any one person paying for anyone else. It is also called Dutch date and Dutch Treat.

I’m not quite sure where they got that, or where this whole impression comes from, but it’s seriously lopsided.
It would make a lot more sense if they would call it “Going Finnish”.
One of the first times I came to visit my better half – when we were still living in separate countries – we went out to a bar with her friends. I stepped up to get a drink and asked everyone what they wanted to drink, wallet at the ready. All of them, not one single exception save for my better half, looked at me like I had too much space cake.
“Hmm, well… ummm… we’ll come along to the counter and see” was the reply, as everyone stood up and took out their own wallet.

Is it because I’m from the east of Holland? Do they do things different there?
I don’t think so. My friends back in Holland live all over the country and every time it’s the same. I buy a round and the rest of the night it’s everyone else’s turn.

What do you mean “Going Dutch”?
It’s screwed up. Dutch people are one of the most generous people on the face of the earth!

Someone needs to rewrite the dictionaries!