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Many many many times I see things that make me laugh out loud, regardless of where I am.
The things that top it all are in 90% of the cases with cars.
Back in the day, when I was still young (ahem), I was a bit of a car person myself. I liked sports cars, I liked getting fancy stuff for my car and make it look good. These days I don’t really care about it any more, but I still enjoy looking at nice cars.
I realize that tastes differ, and I know that what I find pretty may be ugly to others and vice versa, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder about people’s total lack of taste and aesthetics (in my eyes at least).
I think I’m going to make a series about this too, because there are so many examples out there…
A couple of quick examples of what I’ve seen:
1) a totally standard car, say with a 1.4L engine, nothing special otherwise, except for that HUUUUGE spoiler on the trunk, which is anchored on the roof, because it won’t hold otherwise.
2) a similar standard car, which could have a nice touch with sporty looking rims, but the owner went totally over the top and put 19″ or 20″ shiny chrome rims with such fat tires on them that they bust out of the sides of the car

So here I was, driving home from work the other day. I passed a gas station and checked the fuel prices (it’s become kind of a routine, because the prices change daily, sometimes even twice per day) and my eyes casually wonder to the area behind the gas station where an ancient Mercedes Benz 250 is parked. Nothing new there (literally)… Until I discover the rims and I giggle myself silly.

Just another snapshot

Just another snapshot

The car looks cleaner than it is. In fact, the car was a big pile of mud. Except for the rims. They were shiny clean, with not a speck of dirt on them. The owner must’ve polished them straight after he got out 😀
Anyway… Here’s your example of a totally standard car with rims that totally don’t fit the style. There’s a saying in Dutch which -freely translated- goes like this: Even if you give a monkey a golden ring, it was, is and will remain an ugly thing.
It’s kind of the same situation here…

Tastes differ…