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Soo… the Better Half’s in Cambridge now, catching up on the Student Life again.
I went there with her, to make sure all her shoes made it there, because they didn’t fit in her suitcase 😀

Cambridge… Yeah… What can I say…?
I usually go to new places without any expectations, with an open mind. I tried that here, too. I knew it’s a place with a long history, lots of old architecture, etc. etc., but it still blew me away how much there really is. It’s beautiful. I have a whole lot of pictures from the place, but I haven’t yet processed them all. Will show some of that later.

In this post I just want to show that those Brits (at least those in Cambridge) are a bunch of silly people, no offense! *LOL*

Warning sign

D700, ISO200, 1/350 sec @ f/8, Nikkor 50mm

Warning sign

D700, ISO200, 1/180 sec @ f/2.8, Nikkor 70-200mm

Do leave a message if you need me to explain 😉