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Those regular house-hold chores… Dreadful…
I really have to blow off some steam! ARGH!
And imagine: we have a dryer, but we (I in this case) don’t really use it save for the bed sheets. The rest we bring down to the dry-room in the house. It’s a separate room a few floors down in the apartment building we’re living in. And this really nice lady (yes, can you feel the sarcasm dripping off here? I invite you to fill in your own personal favorite here 😀 ***) in our house has taken a habit of putting up sticky-notes on our laundry if it’s been hanging there too long for her liking.
My last batch of laundry I hung up at around 2.30 or 3 am on Sunday night (yeah, I still have a problem with going to bed at a decent time) and I picked it up yesterday morning, Thursday, around 9am. So effectively it’s been hanging there for a good 3 days, which I think is a very reasonable time for laundry to dry. Sure it might’ve been dry in two days, but common! And she put up a sticky-note on the laundry reading something along the lines of “This has been hanging here now for 5 days. Who’s gonna fix this?” I know who does it, and I also know that she herself has the tendency to let her laundry hang there for 3-4 days.

So now I’m really suppressing the urge to write a seriously nasty note back about how she can’t count and pot-kettle kind of remarks. But… I’m counting to 10… no, make that 100… and I’m just doing my ironing, blowing off some steam, and when I run into her in the staircase I’m gonna act like a serious hypocrite and be all nice and scold her when I’m out of sight. And whine about it to my Better Half, who’s in a totally different time zone and can’t do anything about it anyway…

Blow off some steam

D700, ISO200, 1/350 sec @ f/1.4, Nikkor 50mm

*** You know what? Just for the heck of it… I’m gonna do a little contest: he or she who comes up with the most original nick name for this really nice lady gets a free 20x30cm print on fancy luster paper from any of the model/property released images in my portfolio (actual sizes may differ slightly, depending on the crop of the image). Go check to find the image of your choice. No obvious profanity, I’ll accept things like “deranged old hag” (so that’s now taken by me and can’t be used anymore), but that’s about as far as it goes, so nothing like ******* ****, if you get my drift. Too much profanity will be deleted, up to my discretion. Be original, be diplomatically correct. Leave suggestions in the comments. I’m the one picking the winner. No correspondence about that. No cash equivalent for the prize, copyright of the image of course stays with me. Everyone’s eligible. I’ll contact you on the email address you leave in the comments (visible to me) if you’ve won to get the address to ship the print to. Closing date is 3rd of October 2010, 23:59:59 SFT – Standard Finnish Time, so that gives you about 10 days to come up with something original 🙂
Any rules that are not stipulated in detail here, I’ll make up as we go and you accept the rules if you leave a comment, so don’t sue me 😉