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It’s been on the minds of photographers around the world since way back.
Many photographers are told to, and have, also get themselves familiar in the area of (digital) video and moving images. The time that stills are taken from video images is drawing near.
Red Digital Cinema is working hard on making digital camera manufacturers obsolete. The toys that they have announced for the coming period are… well… very interesting to say the least.

Image courtesy Red Digital Cinema

Image courtesy Red Digital Cinema

The Epic 617, announced for 2010, is said to have a whopping 261 MP sensor with a 186x56mm sensor size. Imagine an image of 28000×9334 pixels.
I hope by the time this camera comes on the market, Apple’s released a G15, because otherwise processing the images might be quite the painstaking and time consuming ordeal.

This kind of gadget are still well outside my budget. But how long will it take for these things to get available for “normal” people?
And what will happen to photography?
I’m sure there’ll always be photography and photographers, as there will always be newspapers and books, but boy, this is a development…