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Was feeling a lot better today, luckily. Not completely 100%, but good enough to go downtown and do my appointments.
Driving back home around noon I got stuck on the motorway behind a car which was going 65-70 km/h and kindof swerving from left to right on his lane. Motorway on that particular stretch allows 80 km/h. So, you’ll probably say, stop nagging and pass the car. Right. But the car was driving on the left lane. And overtaking on the right as such isn’t allowed (yes, yes, I sometimes do it).
So I drove behind the car for about 4 kms and then it finally moved to the right lane. I passed it, and the driver was typing a  message on his phone. Of course, figures!
So here -and Finland in general- are two things, notorious left-laners and hand-held drivers, that I think should be permanently banned from traffic. Finnish people in traffic, or at least 90-95% of them, are otherwise likes saints on a celibacy-workshop.
In Holland the fine for hand-held driving is 150€, and is pretty strictly enforced by the police. In Finland it is prohibited by law (not sure what the fine for it is here), but I don’t think the problem is accepted for its full danger, unfortunately. My trip home was about 25 kms and took about 30 minutes. In that time I passed a lot of cars (yes, yes, I drove about 10 km overspeed on the motorway) and I counted 11 drivers either talking on the phone or typing a text message or email, or whatever.
That’s 11 x 150€ = 1.650€ made in about 30 minutes. I wish I made that kind of money! Talking about the Golden Goose!

Get those off the road would be a whole lot better than chasing people driving 5-10kms overspeed on the motorway… I think…

Old mobile phone stacked on a new mobile phone

D200, ISO100, 1 sec @ f/13, Tamron 90mm macro

I frequently stand in as a full-color offset printer with a local printing office, when someone’s on holiday, gets sick or when it’s really busy. When they called me yesterday if I could fill in the morning shift I told them I’d be there at 6am. So this morning at around 5.45am I hopped into my car and drove to the printing office.
About 2 km before the printing office the motorway (80km/h) turns into a 60km/h road (it’s still double lanes) and leads into steadily downwards sloping short tunnel.

I was still doing 80 when going into the tunnel and right at the end of the tunnel in the dark they stood, laser gun at the ready, waiting for the next victim to pass.
My own stupid mistake, I’ve seen them standing there a dozen times before, but I was a bit in a hurry (excuses, excuses, excuses), and they caught me with 79km/h.

It was 5.58am, on a two-lane road, in the middle of nowhere, no school, no town, no buildings, no nothing anywhere near, and not a soul on the road except for me and them.
But I’ll eat it. I’ll bear my mistakes like man and pay the oh so wasted amount of money that they fined me 😀
The rules even apply to me *sighs*
I actually got away with a scare this time, because Finland (bless’em, to speak in Allison’s words) has the great moneymaking system that the fine for many traffic violations are related to one’s net income.
If you drive more than 20km/h too fast, they’ll cough up your tax records and you’ll get one big fine, or if you drove really a lot too fast an x number of dayfines (Jussi Salonoja, heir to a big sausage empire, was fined € 170,000 for over speeding, Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s former manager, once got a € 116,000 fine for over speeding, and there are a good number of other examples just like that). Not that I’d get such a high fine. Being an aspiring photographer… that’s probably so underpaid that they’d have to pay me money 😀

Anyway… The police guys didn’t want me to take a picture of them and the car with the flashy lights, so you’ll have to make do with a very bad picture, shot hand held @ 1/10 sec, of “my” printing press.
Oh… and a chocolate cookie, because I’ve had such a bad morning 😀

D200, ISO100, 1/10 sec @ f/5.6, Sigma 10-20mm

D200, ISO100, 1/10 sec @ f/5.6, Sigma 10-20mm

D200, ISO100, 1/45 sec @ f/16, off-camera flash SB-800 + Photoflex softbox

D200, ISO100, 1/45 sec @ f/16, off-camera flash SB-800 + Photoflex softbox