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Was feeling a lot better today, luckily. Not completely 100%, but good enough to go downtown and do my appointments.
Driving back home around noon I got stuck on the motorway behind a car which was going 65-70 km/h and kindof swerving from left to right on his lane. Motorway on that particular stretch allows 80 km/h. So, you’ll probably say, stop nagging and pass the car. Right. But the car was driving on the left lane. And overtaking on the right as such isn’t allowed (yes, yes, I sometimes do it).
So I drove behind the car for about 4 kms and then it finally moved to the right lane. I passed it, and the driver was typing a  message on his phone. Of course, figures!
So here -and Finland in general- are two things, notorious left-laners and hand-held drivers, that I think should be permanently banned from traffic. Finnish people in traffic, or at least 90-95% of them, are otherwise likes saints on a celibacy-workshop.
In Holland the fine for hand-held driving is 150€, and is pretty strictly enforced by the police. In Finland it is prohibited by law (not sure what the fine for it is here), but I don’t think the problem is accepted for its full danger, unfortunately. My trip home was about 25 kms and took about 30 minutes. In that time I passed a lot of cars (yes, yes, I drove about 10 km overspeed on the motorway) and I counted 11 drivers either talking on the phone or typing a text message or email, or whatever.
That’s 11 x 150€ = 1.650€ made in about 30 minutes. I wish I made that kind of money! Talking about the Golden Goose!

Get those off the road would be a whole lot better than chasing people driving 5-10kms overspeed on the motorway… I think…

Old mobile phone stacked on a new mobile phone

D200, ISO100, 1 sec @ f/13, Tamron 90mm macro