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Who would’ve thought… Not me… I usually don’t do this. You can find me on the sofa with a bar of chocolate or a bag of M&Ms any day. But this?
This is something She would do. This is something the Better Half would do, with a glass of wine for example. See I don’t drink alcohol, but I’m typically not a huuge fan of cheese either (I know, I know, being from Holland, being a genuine “kaaskop” (cheese head), as Dutch people are referred to). Sure, I like cheese, and I eat it. But you don’t -at all- make me happy with blue cheese or any other stinky chunk. But there I was… Had a great night with the fellow photographers from the camera club and I come home and find myself… digging up crackers from the drawer… grabbing a slice of Camembert from the fridge… and… what’s that there? Poison green pesto cheese. OMFG!! If only I’d drink wine, there’s still a couple of bottles in the drawer.
Too bad, now I just have to eat an extra cracker or five. Two with Camembert, three with pesto cheese. Umm… no, then I’m out of balance. It has to be an even number. Eight then!



D700, ISO200, 4 sec @ f/11, Nikkor 50mm