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That one thing wouldn’t be all, of course… 😀
Being the systematically annoying perfectionist I am, there are a couple of other things that bug me.

I mentioned the (smart) collections in the previous post.
I have a couple of projects and ideas that I have compiled in smart collections in my catalogs. I found a “workaround” (too complicated and not half as effective as I would want it to be, but it works for me for now) for the missing Save Catalog As and all my catalogs I have the smart collections of the running projects and ideas.
But here’s the thing:
If the folders in which the images are located that link to the smart collection aren’t stored in the same catalog, they don’t appear in the smart collection. So say that I have a catalog with the name 2008 and I have a catalog with the name 2009, and in both I have the smart collection with the name “Panoramic landscapes”. From the catalog 2008 I have 26 images stored in the smart collection. But when I open the catalog 2009 half of the images in that smart collection are gone, because I haven’t imported the folders in which those images are located into the 2009 catalog.

Lightroom screenshot

Lightroom screenshot

The only way to work around this problem seems to be to duplicate the specific images in a separate folder and (re)import that folder in every catalog. I’ve done that to the smart collection “Some idea”, because I found it highly irritating not to have all the images for that particular idea together.
But really, what’s the use of smart collections then? They’re not so smart after all, it seems, if they can’t locate the links to pictures in the smart collections.