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Facebook has been flooded with them. Up to the point of nuisance some times.
But there have been some really funny ones among them. And -I can’t quite remember what triggered it- but I made one myself. Several times it’s been that I (over)heard people say or say it straight in my face that everyone can take pictures if they have a good camera.
Of course…. Everyone can take pictures, but that doesn’t make you a photographer. It’s been one of the lines I’ve been using for quite awhile: Buying a (big) camera doesn’t make you a photographer, it makes you a camera owner.
People think they are a photographer, because they have a big camera. They think that if you have an expensive camera with a high pixel count, you make great pictures. They think with a big expensive camera all you have to do is lift, aim, press shutter and you have a perfect picture. Sure, the image quality gets better with a bigger camera, but that doesn’t make the photographs any better. If you don’t have the eye, if you don’t have some sort of technical knowledge of what you’re doing, it makes no difference if you have a big or a small camera. The photographs will be crap no matter what. And Photoshop doesn’t help there either. You can’t make a good picture out of a bad picture.

So for all those who think they photographers are photographers just because they have a big camera, I would like to dedicate this to you (click it, like it and share it, if you will):

The pretentious wannabe photographer