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Something completely different from Norway. One of those impulse posts, I guess you could call it.
I’m not one of those groupies who’s scouring the net and the movies for any of those Photoshop bloopers that they haven’t been able to cover up properly, or one of those scenes where they do something physically impossible (duh?? 😀 ).
But this afternoon I was going through the local cinema’s offer of new movies. I wanted to go see a movie. I had a few possible ones that I’d like to see. I heard a lot about the Hunger Games, and so I checked a quick synopsis from the cinema’s home page. It was accompanied by this picture (of course the red circles and the enlargements weren’t there, I put them there to show where to look 😉 ):

The Hunger Games

Still from the Hunger Games starring Jennifer Lawrence. Image courtesy Color Force / Larger Than Life Productions / Lionsgate / Ludas Productions

Pretty young lady, Jennifer Lawrence, isn’t she? Cool picture, too. But when you’re done looking at her, go ahead and follow the arrow along her left arm to her hand and her hand itself.
Now… I’m not an archer, I’ve done it a couple of times, but I don’t know anything about it. It could just be that this is some sort of Robin Hood technique that I’m not familiar with, but that arrow is resting on her wrist and in an angle like that it will swerve to the left and miss target, if the tail of the arrow doesn’t bump the hand and topple over. Or maybe the sixth finger on her hand is doing all the correcting there… Who knows…?

So is this one of those Photoshop bloopers? Or has she perfected the archery so much that you can actually shoot like this? Or is she hoping that that stretched out finger, and the extra finger, will force-point the arrow in the right direction?

Comments, suggestions and explanations welcome 😉