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  1. Just so you know, this woman Ms. O’Malley is the editor and her husband is the publisher. They have owned this paper for about 15 years and it has had an online version as it has now for almost the entire time. In other words, whether or not the print publication was shuttered shouldn’t have anything to do with them using your image online. What a bunch of baloney she spewed. They are still in business, and to be honest with you I would be shocked if their fairly long-looking roster of contributors were really volunteers.

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  3. @Jim Blanchard

    It’s not about the fees anymore. The problem is that I’m not in the US. If I would file criminal charges, I would have to go to the US, pay lawyer fees, pay court fees, etc. etc. The costs for that would outweigh what I eventually would get in penalty fees for the illegal use of the image.
    If it would be closer to home I would’ve certainly pursued this further, but this would only cost me a lot of money and head ache.

  4. @Nicole Riley

    Nicole, as part of my workflow I sit down once a month or once every second month and spend a day “chasing” images. I use Tineye Reverse image search and Google Image search. Both have a plug in for the browser you are using.

    You’ll be surprised at what you find!

  5. I agree with Terrance. There’s a possibility to press criminal charges in this case. Forget about the fees, the law has been broken. There are more of us out here that have our work stolen and the fact that you have a solid case and proof. At the very least, you could make life hell for Ms. O’Malley.

  6. Hi,

    I didn’t catch your name, but thank you for sharing your story with all its details.
    Who knows, my pictures may be floating around somewhere too!? How does one find where they’ve been used and for what purpose? Just luck that you came across them?

    I sure would like to know, if it did happen.

    Sorry about not at least getting compensated for the use of your image and: what gutts that M. O’Malley… (she should be called O’Mallice ) 🙁 to write what she did to you. No integrity! No tact! NO-SHOULD-BE-NO-ATTORNEY-OF-ANY-KIND!!!

    Lesson learned and move on!

    Good business to you!

    Nicole Riley

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  8. Ms. O’Malley states ” for most of my career I was an intellectual property attorney and a member of the State Bar of California, a status which I could easily activate if needed. ” yet she works on a ‘voluntary’ basis for a company which can’t afford to pay people? Something smells there. I would make a formal complaint to the State Bar of California (perhaps through our lawyer) that she has been willfully operating outside the law by stealing images and making fraudulent claims. You’ve nothing to lose, but she may have.

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