4 comments on “So… this is the reward for honesty and friendliness…

  1. This is one of the worst stories ever, can’t help thinking WTF was wrong with them & their nil customer service?!

  2. I like the cropped version, it’s a nice shot. And indeed it doesn’t reveal any trade secrets. Silly that they are so careful, but then again, it’s their right to decline and not to give a reason as to why.

    I do think that this long story of you trying to contact the winery shows just how little they care about publicity and customer relations. Too bad.

  3. @Mie Ahmt
    I’d agree with you if I had been in touch with any “normal” person. But this was going through the legal department of Constellation Wines U.S.
    If they get confused or don’t know anything about property or model releases, why the hell are they a legal department?

  4. I was going to ‘like’ this article… That just goes to show how dumb Facebook has made me!

    Sometimes I feel like we confuse people and make them suspicious with all our forms and releases. Most people have never heard of a property release or model release… When you present them with one – they think “uuuuh… are you going to make money off me?

    Your story is just ridiculous… WTF???

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