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  2. @arno
    thanks for your reply. That is good to hear. It seems that the only thing missing (for me at least) is to have prints sold automatically.
    I cannot print and ship myself, so would need yet another service besides PD to do the printing, so that’s where PS wins; hopefully PD catches up soon, as I like them, but do not want to have my images at yet another server, paying yet another monthly fee.

    • Hi Harry,
      That’s actually a feature they are currently working on. I don’t know exactly what the time estimate is for this to go live, but they are looking for partners to pair up with to complete this service.

  3. I was just thinking about these two. So, after having used it for a year, what are your thoughts now?
    I think PS lowered their commission (8-10%) and it might be better to be part of a bigger site (or not?).

    I welcome your thoughts, thanks in advance,
    Cheers, Harry

    • Hi Harry,
      Thanks for stopping by.

      I’m very happy with Photodeck. Started selling slowly through the commercial back-end. Of course it takes some time for Photodeck to get word out in the “big world”, but I must say that it’s been going really fast and they’ve done an excellent job with the SEO.
      In terms of marketing it’s the same as with Photoshelter, you have to do it all yourself. And at this point I think Photodeck is gaining in on Photoshelter, if it hasn’t already overtaken them. There are a good number of big names on Photodeck and the features that are right now available and being worked on are surpassing the options and ease of use that Photoshelter has. At least in my opinion. I have terminated my membership with Photoshelter.

  4. @weddings videographer

    I’m not saying they haven’t. PhotoDeck also has the interest of the photographer in mind. It was founded by a professional photographer. Photoshelter’s services were better when they were still actively trying to get the stock photography part off the ground. When that went south it changed into little more than an online storage with a commercial back-end and in that sense PhotoDeck is a lot better and has a lot more powerful tools.
    Right now the only advantage that Photoshelter has over PhotoDeck is that Photoshelter already established a name for themselves.

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