Yeah, that’s really the parking lot you see in there…
(sorry, not very creative today, mind blank…)

Parking lot in the drops


Not quite sure what the cats’ fascination is with snow, but when it snows, they’re always up on the window sill looking outside, almost in trance…

Cat's fascination with snow

D700, ISO200, 1/125 sec @ f/8, Nikkor 50 mm

It’s again one of those things that you encounter once -or maybe even several times- a week, but you fail to really register it… And as with a lot of things, it always strikes me how something so common, something so every-day, can turn out to be something quite beautiful.
Oh, and then there’s again of course the choice between color or black and white. I vote -again- for black and white.

Shopping carts

D700, ISO1600, 1/125 sec @ f/4, Nikkor 50 mm

Shopping cart

D700, ISO1600, 1/125 sec @ f/4, Nikkor 50 mm

Usually you’d have to get her into the travelbox by force, but if it’s high up, and there’s something crackling like a straw hat hanging around, she’s game.

Russian Blue

D700 snapshot with flash

Yes, I hear you thinking, but seriously… “Art” is subjective.
I considered entering this into the FotoFinlandia competition, but I don’t think Finland is ready, yet, for this kind of “artistic anxiety” 😀
But anyway…

Winter is good for many things. There are a few things you can do ONLY in winter. Or should I say “there are few things you can do ONLY in winter”. There’s a slight nuance there. The thing that I did is one of those things you can really do only in winter. And it tells a story. It tells about character. It tells about personality. And it gives you the weirdest looks you can imagine. But I’ve dealt with a good number of looks in my days as a photographer, so…
What’s more important is the story I want to share with you. The story it tells us about who left it behind…

Dog pee

Some have some self-confidence issues...

Dog pee

And some are so pretentious they just have to piss ALL over the place...

Dog pee

And then there are some for whom even their own identity is a big question mark...

Dog pee

Some are patient enough to stand perfectly still for a second or two to do their thing...

Dog pee

... while others just keep on walking (that's an artistic piece of athleticism in itself!)

Dog pee

This is Nixon, he wants to be a writer and only pees in his first initial.

Dog pee

This is Waldo. He also wants to be a writer, but he can't accept the fact that he's illiterate and dyslexic...

Dog pee

And this is Rembrand. He wants to be a painter, but so far all he managed to do is jellyfish, which in itself is already quite an achievement. Let's wait and see when the Nightwatch will come...


And someone should really see a doctor, because this ain't healthy!

It’s actually lethally dangerous to live in this country.
A couple of weeks ago a guy died because he walked (on the wrong side of the fence which warned for possible snow and icicles coming down) in Helsinki and got one of these -but then bigger- on his head.

Lethal weapons

D200, ISO100, 1/6 sec @ f/13, Sigma 10-20mm

I have no clear recollection of taking this… So I guess this is the ultimate oblivion.
It might’ve been my alter-ego. Or the other cat.
We might never know. But aren’t we cute? 😉

Me, myself and the cat

Taken with a crappy phone camera with some seriously dubious settings.

A little light in the dark…

Lights on a graveyard

D200, ISO100, 8 sec @ f/19, Tamron 28-75mm

It’s been a funny winter. Mostly gray days and overcast evenings and nights. But every now and then a clear day slips through.
I don’t mind winter, but it’s nice to have a few of these days every now and then.
No color editing in this picture, just lightened up the lower part with the street. So it was really this red and blue.

Sunset over Espoo

D700, ISO400, 1/125 sec @ f/4, Nikkor 50mm

“Honey, I’ll be back in a few minutes!”

Eeemm…. ‘kay…

Car covered in snow

D700, ISO200, 1/125 sec @ f/4, Nikkor 50mm