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  1. Well, I once had to convince a raging truck driver that it wasn’t my Audi that was parked downtown in front of a loading dock. I tried to tell him I wish I had an Audi but he didn’t seem to get it… He had asked for the phone number connected to the license plate at AKE and apparently punched in the wrong numbers.

  2. I have my phone registered at my job, so getting my number doesn’t give the home address… so that’s a bit less publicly available. I’m not sure I want my work published either, but either one of those, the job it is.

    The tax and income information is such a waste, why would anyone need to know how much money you make? Apart from the officials that have other access to the system. But your neighbours?

    The car thing is a bit more useful I think. If you have a parked car that’s blocking a driveway or you’re buying a car and want to confirm the seller is the owner… then maybe there’s a point in it.

  3. Well, he actually did not have my work address, but my name, phone number (apparently) and complete home address, which he wanted to “confirm”. And the flower shop he mentioned was one pretty much known to everybody in town. And when he heard you were home he had no hurry to hang up, he stuck to his story… so I’ve been thinking the motive can hardly be burglary…. beats me.

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