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  3. Thank you for this story, only wish I had read it before i parted with some cash to ‘alihashop’. Since I paid them money, they stopped emailing/speaking to me and I have not received my camera.This site is wrong and criminal Google should not allow their adverts.
    I hope many more will read this column.

  4. My colleague told me about a system used for the Chinese version of Ebay. A third-party company handles the goods and the money so, that when your money arrives, they take hold of the goods you bought and send them forward to you. When you are satisfied with the goods and they have arrived properly, they pay the seller and the deal is closed. No credit card needed.

  5. Sorry to hear it was too good to be true. It definitely sounds like a scam! Although the whole payment issue in China is tricky, as we found out when we went for the conference — only certain companies are allowed to take credit cards or even have a bank account or something. Still, though, this is most probably a scam. Shame!

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