3 comments on “Digimarc Digital Watermarking revisited

  1. The second best solution seems to be SignMyImage. However, nearly every manipulation of the image will result in a loss of the embedded ID:

    – screenshot
    – resize
    – rotate (only a fraction of a degree is enough)
    – adding grain
    – blurring
    – recompress

    Especially a screenshot-protection would be nice. Combined attacks will make it even worse.

    Therefore, I recommend a combined approach:

    1. visible watermark whenever possible, some photo sites don’t allow that
    2. invisible watermark (SignMyImage)
    3. mentioning of invisible watermarks (!)

    Digimarc may be technically the best. But price policy renders them useless to most photographers, in my opinion.


  2. You are right. I can recommend you shareware SignMyImage, that can do the same work for the fraction of the digimarc’s price. F>

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