3 comments on “Another HDR, to balance things out

  1. Thanks for your time to leave a comment, Yusof (I’m not Tori Amos, no, sometimes I wish I was *LOL*).
    I never did imply that HDR images are cheating. And you’re right, when done correctly, the outcome of a good HDR image is exactly what the human eye recorded, but the camera can’t, for the simple reason that it can’t record such a wide range of contrast.
    But as I mentioned in previous posts, many people mix up HDR and cross-processing and call one the other when it’s not.
    When I talked about cheating in this post I was referring to the places you mask when you merge manually.

    The time it takes to merge images manually depends a bit on the kind of picture. This one is merged with 2 images and it took about 30 minutes. Most of that time went into masking the opening in the tower. The rest is all straight lines and can be done in under 10 minutes.

  2. Sorry about my questions about John Fogerty from my previous comment. I was reading your post and only saw “Tori Amos and John Fogerty” at the bottom of the screen. For one crazy moment, I thought your name is Tori Amos and your partner is John Fogerty!

    Just like you to know that I am a fan of CCR. I have some collection of their CDs. I still listen to their music once in a while. Brings back memory of my younger days.

  3. I think the image after you post processed is probably what you actually see when you took the picture. To me it is not cheating. How long does it take to manually merged the images?

    I don’t see any link about yourself. Is your partner John Fogerty has anything to do with CCR? Or is he a motorcyle world champion?

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