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  1. @Lore

    I’m not an expert in this matter, so I don’t know for sure, but in regards to the modify/deleting contents I would imagine that the app uses an SD card to (temporarily) store data it retrieves to run the app and removes it after the app is closed.

    No idea why it would need to act as an account authenticator or to manage account lists…

  2. Arno ~ You are 100% right and that is why I’ve been searching the net to find out what apps are safe and what each of the “allow access to” thing is about. I am not sure people read the list with the rush to d/l the app but I realized these apps want to access way too much for just a simple thing.
    Thanks for the Accucheck notice I had it already installed in my phone when I bought it but will uninstall ASAP.
    I wanted to know what do the app developer for WhatsApp (non SMS application) mean by:
    ~ Act as an account authenticator, manage account list, use the auth. credentials of account.
    ~ Modify or DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS. WTF? What type of content would they delete?
    ~ Record Audio (OF WHAT?)
    The list goes on…

    Can someone explain this in detail? As far as I’m concerned noone is deleting or having the ability to auth. anything except me.

    ~ record AUDIO?

  3. This is interesting… Why would it need to CALL people and manage your accounts? Fortunately the good thing with Android is indeed the warning signs and clarity of information you must allow the application to access. Well done Android designers.

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