4 comments on “A guy’s world of… oblivion…, Day 113

  1. It might have lasted, but sadly it needed the big SIM-card (credit card size, remember?) and therefore pretty useless these days. So I let it go.

  2. @Sitruuna: if it lasted more than 30 secs with calling, I could’ve made use of it 😉 But alas… Suffering is over already, so no need any longer for emergency jumps 😉

    @Anna: How would you call when it’s on idle? You’d have to switch on the screen first, that takes it out of the idle setting. At least with mine. No problems sofar with the network. Got a call from my sis last night when at the b-day party and the phone had been idle for quite awhile at that point, so… Maybe your sis just had a Mondaymorning-phone (or 3 😀 )

  3. Aaaawww! Sitruuna, my first phone was a Ringo NMT, no SMS-messages, only for calling. Chick yellow it was :cD

    Arno, the new Samsung looks good. Any problems with network? Although you wouldn’t know until you test-call it when it’s on idle… And brainfart? You crack me up :cD

  4. Damn, I just got rid of my very first mobile phone when I cleared the attic for the move. I could’ve given that to you!

    It was a Philips, 474 I think. And you could even write sms-messages with it (not more than 160 marks though). The battery lasted 24 hours, unlessa someone (or me) called. But it had an extra battery (tehoakku, called then) that lasted for huge 3 days (unless someone called, of course).

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