5 comments on “A guy’s fight in the cat’s world of awareness, Day 70

  1. @sitruuna

    Hahahaha! I was just going to ask, did you just squish the poop in an envelope? πŸ˜€

    Anyway… Pills aren’t typically the problem with Ramses and Cassandra either. And with Cassandra paste isn’t either. But I think Ramses just doesn’t like the feeling of something semi-liquid forced into his mouth.

  2. *LOL* “And 3 days they WILL get it, if it’s the last thing I do.”. Nice to hear about your battle. Well done so far. And you’re right, you might need more than 2 tubes. ;cD

  3. My cats take the pills, any pills, really easily, no problem with that at all. Haven’t tried paste.

    But according to present recommendations quartely or even yearly deworming is not necessary (unless the cat runs free and has access to live rodents and birds) and it should rather be done byt taking the poop to vet’s for analysis and IF there is worms/parasites whatever, then deworm with a medicine aimed at that special type.

    Hence I have never dewormed Eppu and had him for year and a half now. A while ago I got a free poop sample kit (yes, they sometimes give the out in shows) to send poop by mail for examination and if anything is found, they will send back a specified medicine. Nothing was found.

    And I bet the postman didn’t want to know what was in the envelope…

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