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Cliché #483,207:


D700, ISO200, 1/180 sec @ f/9.5, Nikkor 50mm

Less is more…

Birch stem

D700, ISO200, 1/125 sec @ f/9.5, Nikkor 50mm

Slam dunk…

Basket ball hoop

D700, ISO200, 1/180 sec @ f/9.5, Nikkor 50mm

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂

Valentine's Day

D700, ISO 200, 1/180 sec @ f/2.4, Nikkor 50mm

Every now and then you run into this fantastic scene of complementary colors. Here’s one example. Love it when everything comes together like this.

A beautiful, crisp cold day (-24 degrees Celcius during the day), sunny and a perfectly cloudless blue sky…

Complementary colors

D700, ISO200, 1/180 sec @ f/9.5, Nikkor 50mm



D700, ISO200, 1/250 sec @ f/9.5, Nikkor 50mm

I’ve had this totally crazy idea. It came to me out of the blue, just like that:
I’m gonna do a series of images on SNOW! Yes, you heard it right!

“HONEEEEY! DAMMIT! Where’s the CAR?? You were the last one to use it!”

Where's the car?

D700, ISO200, 1/180 sec @ f/8, Nikkor 50mm

The beauty of a bright, clear, cold day…

The beauty of environmental destruction

D700, ISO200, 1/180 sec @ f/16, Nikkor 50mm

I don’t usually indulge in these sweet things, and I’m a terrible liar. But when three dear people give you something delicious on a particular day, what other choice do you have but to lay off the regular indulgences and prioritize?
Cheesecake, please, and one chelsea bun. And a big, wet, sloppy kiss for dessert 😉

Bun appetite!

Cheesecake and chelsea bun

D700, ISO800, 1/60 sec @ f/9.5, Nikkor 14-24mm

Big wet sloppy kiss

D700, ISO200, 1/10 sec @ f/9.5, Nikkor 50mm

So you’d think that people in Finland know how to drive in winter, right?
Especially when the winter has been going on already for FOUR FRIGGIN MONTHS, right?
Well… wrong…

I guess some will never learn.
(sorry for not getting the whole scene, but I was standing in front of a green light, holding up the traffic, with a police van standing next to me 😀 )

Don't try this at home

D700, ISO200, 1/350 sec @ f/5.6, Nikkor 50mm